Enabling business to help solve the world’s most important problems

Kaitlin Thompson is supported by Rotary District 7620 in Maryland & Washington DC for study on the MBA programme at the University of Oxford and Linacre College in 2018-19.



I am committed to leaving the world better off than when I found it and believe business has the power to help solve the world’s most important problems.

I come to Oxford after four years working in government consulting in Washington, DC. Working at the intersection of the private and public sectors has strengthened my desire to use both sectors’ capabilities to collaboratively solve the world’s most important problems. My time spent living internationally as a child and young adult has helped me see the immense power in diverse communities and motivated me to pursue my MBA at Oxford in one of the most diverse MBA programs in the world – 312 classmates from 62 countries. This diverse business school environment is exposing me to a variety of perspectives, thereby making me a more well-rounded and knowledgeable leader.

I believe business plays a vital role in solving the world’s most pressing challenges. Collaboration between the public and private sector is necessary to create change. I hope to harness all I learn this year to help a large multinational company have a more positive impact on the world. I particularly see a great opportunity for impact through sustainable supply chain and corporate social responsible initiatives in the food and beverage industry. I am passionate about the impact business has on the individual, local level, and globe and believe food and beverage can help consumers live a better life and contribute to a more sustainable future.

In my free time, I enjoy teaching English as a Second Language, practicing yoga, running, and cooking healthy (but delicious) food.

I am proud to be a Rotary Scholar and have the opportunity to meet Rotarians in the UK and USA. Without Rotary’s generous support, I would not have the opportunity to study at Oxford and build my leadership skills. I look forward to continuing to engage with Rotary back in my home district when I finish my students in the fall of 2019.