KAMA DC – sharing skills, building ties

Will Todman, Rotary Scholar in 2014-15 is the co-founder of KAMA DC, that has just launched a new website and released a promotional video.

KAMA DC is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides a platform for refugees and immigrants to share their skills with the Greater Washington, D.C. community by teaching classes.

From the KAMA DC website:

We are a grassroots, all-volunteer team of members of the Washington, D.C. community united by a passion to share skills and build community ties. We first started discussing the idea of forming KAMA DC in June 2016 and held our very first class in December 2016. KAMA DC is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Through KAMA DC, a diverse group of people are able to offer any classes and workshops they wish to teach. Past classes have included Afro-Venezuelan dance, Syrian cooking, Kurdish language and culture, and community organizing. The classes we offer are as diverse as the people teaching them!

Classes are open to everyone interested in common learning and human exchange. Most classes are free, but some require a small fee to cover basic material costs (where necessary).  The idea is simple – by learning from each other, KAMA DC builds constructive contact between groups who tend to interact on rare occasions. We facilitate dialogue, mutual understanding, and empower both instructors and course participants to build positive community relationships.