Mark Mazzetti

Rotary Scholar years
Home Rotary Club/District:
Princeton, USA
Supported by:
Princeton Rotary
Studying at
University of Oxford, Christ Church College
Studying for
Masters in Modern History

Mark Mazzetti is a correspondent for The New York Times, where he has covered national security for the newspaper’s Washington bureau since 2006.

And he is also a Rotary Peace Scholar who once studied for a Masters’ degree in modern history at Oxford University in 1997, before moving onto a career in journalism. He had previously received a Bachelor of Arts degree in public policy and history from Duke University in 1996, graduating Summa Cum Laude.

In 2009, Mark shared a Pulitzer Prize for reporting on the intensifying violence in Pakistan and Afghanistan, with Washington’s response to the issue. The previous year, he was a Pulitzer finalist for revelations about the CIA’s detention and interrogation programme.

Before joining The New York Times, Mark was a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times, and a Pentagon correspondent for US News and World Report. During the war in Iraq in 2003, he spent two months embedded with the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force and as a reporter in Baghdad.

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