Rotary Scholar years
2014-15, 2015-16 and 2017-18
Home Rotary Club/District:
Jindalee Rotary Club, District 9630, Australia
Supported by:
Rotary District 9630, Australia
Hosted by:
Rotary Club of Haddenham and District
Studying at
University of Oxford, St Cross College
Studying for
DPhil (PhD) in Healthcare Innovation (Biomedical Engineering)
Rotary Foundation Areas of Focus:
Disease Prevention and Treatment

By becoming a Rotary Scholar I was able to support my studies towards a DPhil/PhD at the University of Oxford in biomedical engineering. This time has truly been transformative, from a electrical/control engineer I was able to push myself and contribute towards state-of-the-art clinical research, in a field I was truly passionate about. I was able to publish conference papers and journal articles in how to utilise signal processing and machine learning techniques to develop automated diagnostic support tools to aid clinicians. I am currently finalising my thesis and also working towards using my new found knowledge and expertise to apply in the healthcare technology sector. If there is any advice I could provide future Rotary Scholars, it would be get involved and seize any opportunity to demonstrate and describe your research to a diverse and engaging audience.

My work has contributed to conference papers and journal articles through engineering and clinical bodies that will help and further the field of sleep science, which will hopefully uncover the relationship between sleep and neurological disorders in an attempt to develop preventative medicine. While the work has been published, the algorithms and programming framework is also freely available online.

Thanks to the Rotary scholarship, I have an incredible support network through my Oxford Rotary hosts and Haddenham and District club and also at my home district Jindalee, Brisbane. Also I've made an amazing network of friends within the Rotary scholars which will last me a lifetime and I look forward to engaging in many Rotary events in the future.


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