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Combatting climate change at a community level in Kitui County, Kenya2021/12/152020-21, Faith Jimmy, Water Sanitation and Hygiene2021-12-15 16:09:27
Us vs them: Perceived inter-group empathic failures2021/11/292019-20, 2020-21, 2021-22, 2022-23, Jelka Stojanov, Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention2021-11-29 15:57:34
The interdisciplinary nature of food systems2021/11/282021-22, Chloe Wingerter, Community Economic Development2021-11-28 15:51:12
Developing my ideas for improving education in Nepal2021/11/242020-21, Bandana Adhikary, Basic Education and Literacy2021-11-24 15:41:31
Beyond Quality or Quantity of Life2021/11/132021-22, 2022-23, Ariel Dempsey, Disease Prevention and Treatment2021-11-13 15:38:47
Happy November!2021/11/082021-22, Disease Prevention and Treatment, Karen Tai, Uncategorized2021-11-08 15:31:11
Settling into Oxford2021/10/192021-22, Disease Prevention and Treatment, Karen Tai2021-10-19 07:37:55
Off to the Races!2019/05/062018-192019-05-06 08:43:41
Visit to Larkmead Interact Club2019/03/142018-19, Basic Education and Literacy, Kevin Cao2019-03-14 07:09:51
Developing expertise to be used for social good2019/03/012016-17, Community Economic Development, David Saunders2019-03-01 06:43:37
Our Rotary Scholars in Abingdon2019/02/102018-192019-02-10 07:59:35
There are many Oxfords2019/02/102000-2009, Tristen Naylor2019-02-10 04:33:06
Developing the world’s future leaders2019/01/252016-17, 2017-18, Mark Loong2019-01-25 08:24:23
In front of the camera – practice media interviews added to our scholars’ programme2019/01/212018-192019-01-21 20:56:12
Opioid prescribing trends and geographical variation in England, 1998–20182019/01/132017-18, Georgia Richards2019-01-13 06:28:28
KAMA DC – sharing skills, building ties2018/12/172014-15, Will Todman2018-12-17 05:36:04
Reflections on the last year in Reading2018/12/112017-18, Kanta Matsumura2018-12-11 04:39:39
Enabling business to help solve the world’s most important problems2018/12/012018-19, Community Economic Development, Kaitlin Thompson2018-12-01 19:50:59
Automating the Detection of REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder2018/11/272014-15, Navin Cooray2018-11-27 04:59:03
The 2018/19 class exploring the district: Eton College and Windsor Castle2018/11/202018-192018-11-20 07:39:46
Big Smart Brother? How Smart-Cities May Redefine the Right to Privacy in Europe2018/11/152018-19, 2019-20, 2020-21, 2021-22, Arthur Laudrain, Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention2018-11-15 07:11:10
From Oxford and the British Library to the New York Times2018/11/111990-1999, Mark Mazzetti2018-11-11 12:11:17
Bringing together clinical medicine, public health research, and health policy2018/11/112017-18, Christopher Chew2018-11-11 11:34:49
Afghanistan’s untold success story2018/11/062016-17, Melissa Skorka2018-11-06 07:06:28
Helping out at club events in 2018/192018/10/282018-192018-10-28 07:38:51
The Rotary Foundation is inducted into the University of Oxford Chancellor’s Court of Benefactors2018/10/132018-192018-10-13 06:29:13
the 2018/19 class exploring the district: walking tour of Oxford2018/10/082018-192018-10-08 06:27:00
Welcome to the class of 2018/192018/10/032018-192018-10-03 07:18:54
Research in Primary Care Health Sciences2018/09/292017-18, Georgia Richards2018-09-29 09:40:36
What does a Rotary Global Grant Scholar do?2018/09/012017-18, Community Economic Development, Gideon Laux2018-09-01 09:06:45
Vice Chancellor’s Innovation Awards 2018 – 21st Century Terrorist Political Adaptation to Western Policy2018/07/302016-17, Melissa Skorka2018-07-30 12:37:09
Policy Slam for school students at the Blavatnik School of Government2018/07/282017-18, Mark Loong2018-07-28 18:33:48
Sasheenie Moodley – what it’s like to be a Rotary Scholar2018/07/012017-18, Sasheenie Moodley2018-07-01 09:45:18
Learning and Teaching During Fieldwork2018/05/302017-18, Sasheenie Moodley2018-05-30 06:01:50
Understanding the Dynamics and Risks of Child Sexual Abuse in Immigration Detention: Learnings from the Australian Royal Commission2018/02/152017-18, Mark Loong2018-02-15 07:22:00
The class of 2017/18 out and about around the district2017/12/012017-182017-12-01 18:50:21
Welcome to the class of 2017/182017/10/302017-182017-10-30 05:07:48
The Terror Problem From Pakistan2017/07/092016-17, Melissa Skorka2017-07-09 15:05:59
The 2016/17 Scholars out and about around the District2017/05/152016-172017-05-15 07:53:03
Welcome to the Rotary Scholars of 2016-172016/10/292016-172016-10-29 08:17:03
Farewell to our Scholars of 2015-162016/06/222015-162016-06-22 08:14:30
Letter from America2015/02/202014-15, Will Todman2015-02-20 08:49:35